Saturday, January 19, 2013

UN vows to support young entrepreneurs

Louis Mkuku, National project coordinator  ILO

By Beatrice Philemon, 20th December 2012
The United Nations in Tanzania has vowed to support youth entrepreneurs who will be ready to establish businesses or projects to help them set up their own enterprises. The support will be in terms of training and loan facilities, a move that will help to increase productivity, incomes and thereby alleviate poverty.

This was revealed on Tuesday by Louis Mkuku, national project coordinator of the ILO Youth Entrepreneurship Programme during a training for youths out of school, which was organised by the United Nations Information Centre in collaboration with International Labour Organisation (ILO). “Youths who will be ready to embark on projects will be supported by the UN in terms of loan facilities, training and guidance on how to run their businesses," Mkuku said, adding: “This training has been designed to assist you set up your own enterprises and is in line with MDG 1 to ensure people reduce poverty in their familiesl,” he said.
“To meet this initiative today a total of 100 youths out of school from Kigamboni Peer Educators Network, Kibaha Youth Centre, Save the Women Tanzania group, Buguruni Youth Centre and Makangarawe Youth Centre were trained on entrepreneurship skills and how to manage their business so they can help Tanzania meet the Millennium Development Goals, especially goal no 1," he said further.
According to him, this is a new programme designed by the UN in Tanzania to help youths put into practice their business concepts or ideas.He said after the support the UN will go back to track their project or business progression and see how it could further help them.

United Nations Information Centre’s public relations officer Usia Ledama said the workshop was intended to awaken youths to create sustainable jobs for themselves and others by incorporating useful techniques such as market analysis, cost listings and record keeping. “We are here not only to enlighten you on the concept of entrepreneurship but also to recognise imagination and innovation of some young women and men seated amongst you and help them identify their wrongs in order to put them right so their businesses can shift to a higher level,” she said.

The participants included members of youth development groups such as Kigamboni Peers Educators Network, Kibada Youth Centre, Save the Women Tanzania Group, Buguruni Youth Centre and Makangarawe Youth Centre.

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