Tuesday, July 10, 2012

YOSSO United participate in football tournament in Arusha

Youth empowerment event is the youth football tournament that uniquely utilizes sports as a platform for reaching young people towards making a better future.The one month football ‘Go Green’ tournament is taking place in Arusha, Tanzania. During tournament, events such as football matches, environment awareness and leadership workshops for youth are taking place. The campaign consist not only football tournaments but also exhibitions, performances and debates about environment issues.YOSSO United Arusha team and other 16 teams of 400 children from Arusha city are participating on the event.
The competition is organized and funded by YOSSO and Youth Empowerment Foundation which is a non-governmental organization working in the sport for development and youth education.The competition gathers together children, local communities, institutions working with young people outside the framework of formal education system, coaches, teachers and organization working in environment issues as well as role models and stars in the field of football and culture.
The aims of the tournament are;
  • To promote the value of partnership and dialogue between the sport and youth development
  • To raise awareness about environment issues
  • To promote the importance of public private partnership (Sharing good practice)
  • To inspire and activate young people
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YOSSO United Arusha organize ‘Go Green Initiative’

Around 100 children along with their parents, participated in a football match and environment cleaning event on 02 July 2012 in Arusha, Soweto playground. The event, organized by YOSSO ’s football school Project, was the first of its kind so far and included children from surround communities and primary schools. Activities on the day included a friendly football match between YOSSO United Arusha and Stone Fire FC, life skills training, environment education, participation in collection of rubbish and litter around the playground. YOSSO United ’s coaches, who work with many of these children, provided the training during the event. The focus of the training was on new approaches to improve the cleanness for both children and surrounding environment which involved greater participation of the child. Click here to see more activities.

What is needed
This children have lead the way. They have volunteered to clean their playground to support 'Go Green Initiative'. They need support of bins to collect litter. They need litter picking equipment and gloves to wear for their health and safety, start tree nursery, to organize event  and the campaign for ' Go Green Initiative' at their playground.

A total of $1000 is needed to buy bins around Soweto playground, to buy balls, whistles, bibs, shoes, sport wear and promotion material to run event and campaign. Please, if you wish to get involved contact us on officeyosso@yahoo.com.