Monday, September 26, 2011

YOSSO Youth Complete Leadership Training

By Prosper Mambo, 26/09/2011

Across the Manzese slum, Dar es Salaam city of Tanzania at YOSSO Ukombozi center this  month, more than 15 YOSSO youth graduated from Peer Leadership programme, our intensive three month program, marking the end of another successful training. The coaches and YOSSO staff who worked with these kids over the past few months got to see the youth talk about what they’d learned and recognized for their achievements.
Those include not only completing a training of HIV education and life skills, but various courses in event management, leadership trainings and building relationships with their fellow YOSSO participants and coaches. Graduates included in and after school youth who attend YOSSO sport programme at Ukombozi centre.

Here’s what a couple graduation attendees had to say:
  • “You really get a sense of the complete size and scope of the program and the number of kids touched by YOSSO in Dar es Salaam. The other piece that really hit me was the number of kids YOSSO has come back day, after day. It’s a real testament to the quality and impact of the program.” - YOSSO Youth Development Coordinator Elizabeth Tungaraza, after seeing another 15 YOSSO youth graduate from the Peer leadership program and more than 300 youth attending the event.
  • “It was amazing to see what the participants had to say about one another. Their coaches, gave (the youth) high remarks for learning the core values and utilizing them on and off the centre.” – Guest of honour and Chairperson Parent Committee Manzese ward Herman Kott on seeing 15 youth graduate from Peer Leadership program.
  • “Through YOSSO, I’ve learned a lot of respect for other people’s situations, and I’ve learned to be an important part of the community. I know a lot of people don’t have the amazing opportunities that I get. YOSSO has given me many of those opportunities, so now I’m ready to start giving back and helping out.” — Participant Winnfrida John, 14, who graduated from Peer Leadership program and plans to return to YOSSO as a volunteer for after school YOSSO programs.
  • “It’s been great this season to see the Peer Leadership program successful continue at YOSSO Ukombozi centre and we’ve been able to do it with some great volunteerism and private donation. Now we’re looking forward to the expansion of the program to reach as many youth at Dar es Salam city and other region in Tanzania and beyond.” – YOSSO Executive Director and Founder Prosper Mambo.
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YOSSO Climb Kilimanjaro Challenge
When: 10 June 2012 – 21 June 2012
Where: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
What: YOSSO Climb Kilimanjaro challenge is 10 days charity event that will be held in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from 10 to 21 June 2012. It will bring together leading decision makers from sport, students, volunteers, politics, the private sector and civil society who wish to put sport to empower youth. If you are interested in helping out or participate please contact Prosper Mambo on e mail: or Tel +255 718 380180

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